Crafting Stories, Inventing Futures.

We are


Crafting Stories, Inventing Futures.

What we do isn't original. Persuasive stories have been
changing hearts and minds since the beginning of time.
However, the way we find, craft, and communicate
yours is entirely our own.

Do not go where
the path may lead,
go instead where
there is no path
and leave a trail.

First things first.


We drive past the
scrubbed surface of your
organization, through the
bones, and into the guts of the
matter. Our process reveals
the essence of your future
story and blueprint
to get there.

The best idea in the world
is worth precisely dick if it
doesn't make it through the
gauntlet of carpers, lawyers,
clients and the dark side
of bean-counters.

Making it real.


A story is no good sitting on a shelf, out of
reach, collecting dust. If it's ever going to
have any value, it must be heard,
understood, accepted, and lived in.

There is nothing more powerful than a story,
well-told. It seeps through defence. It
unlaces logic, changes perceptions, ignites
performance, and accelerates progress.








We craft stories across all mediums.

We are not mainstream.

Strategists. Creative Problem Solvers. Imagineers. We are quirky but practical people with richly diverse
backgrounds who also happen to have a deep reverence for the storied form - whatever shape that takes.

Jake Chalmers
Todd Chapman
Creative Director
Rommel Cabanal
Senior Designer
Debbra Mikaelsen
Lori Seeney
Project Manager
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Steven Santana

We are global.

Our stories stretch from one side of the globe to the other.

  1. Tetiaroa, French Polynesia
  2. Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu
  3. Honua Kai, Maui
  4. Vancity Savings, Vancouver
  5. Whistler Blackcomb, Whistler
  6. Silvertip, Alberta
  7. Wireless Werks, Seattle
  8. PSAV, Long Beach, California
  9. Spear Education, Arizona
  10. Esperanza, Mexico
  11. Calibre Mining, Nicaragua
  12. TIFFG, Toronto
  13. Friday Harbour, Lake Simcoe
  14. Mont Tremblant, Quebec
  15. Sunday River, Maine
  16. Princeton Tec, New Jersey
  17. Mosaic Homes, Vancouver
  18. CNL Lifestyle, Orlando, Florida
  19. Loch Lomund, Scotland
  20. Relais & Châteaux, Paris
  21. Les Arcs, France
  22. Sama Dubai, Dubai
  23. Funnel Bay, Australia
  24. Jacks Point, New Zealand

Brochure. Detail of project identity embossing.


VISUAL IDENTITY SYSTEM. We created a consistent branding approach that allows differentiation of each property while reinforcing the corporate brand.


Print Collateral. Collateral designed for consistency, with a laser focus on product. High-realism exterior and interior renderings with large-scale floorplans.


Home Store. Storydriven designed and implemented extremely clean and product-focused selling environments.


Vertical Touchscreens. Intuitive touchscreens tangibly enlighten customers about the product.

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Online Platform. Designed an online platform that communicates the full product range and functions well on all devices.


Mobile Web. Simple and easy to navigate with tailored content for mobile devices.


Advertising. Example of a full spread we designed for the Vancouver Sun.


Corporate Logo. Reinvented the visual platform to markedly stand out in the industry.


Film. Created a video to share the transformative nature of their fastest growing product; Digital Campus.

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Online Platform. Designed a web experience that communicates the full product range and functions well on all devices.


Packaging. Design for this award-winning DVD series was so successful that 2,500 dentists requested it within the first 6 months of launching.


Packaging. Package design for this award-winning DVD series was so successful that 2,500 dentists requested it within the first 6 months of launching.


Pocket Booklets. Bite-sized pamphlets for learners to easily digest the key elements of the Spear curriculum and product offerings.


High Realism Rendering. A modern take on cottage living by Architects Alliance.


Visual Identity. A bold, progressive logo to represent a modern take on cottage living.


Print Collateral. Consumers grow weary of constantly being sold to. A magazine with engaging editorial content trumps the typical real estate brochure.


Interactive Touchscreens. Designed for deep drill-down on all aspects of Friday Harbour, from amenities to floorplans to each golf hole at Stone Fences.

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Website. A robust online experience that expresses both the magic and the logic of Friday Harbour.


Visual Identity. Designed a progressive visual identity.

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Website. Designed and programmed a new CMS website.

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Online Web App. Custom design and ordering system for Princeton Tec's best selling lamps.

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Mass Customization App. Build your own lamp, your way. This online direct-to-factory system for creating, ordering, and purchasing was built, tested, and launched in 60 days.


Mobile App. The platform is programmed to seamlessly adapt to mobile devices.


Trio of Headlamps. Modeled by our staff.


Focus Marketing, Print Collateral. Die-cut business cards and a bold promotional booklet.


Focus Marketing, Visual Identity. A fresh new word mark stands out from competitors.


YPO, SPARK Conference Logo. Bold visual approach to attract attention.


YPO, SPARK Conference Invitation. Playful print elements designed to provoke a response – fireworks included.


Featherstone Capital, Visual Identity.


Featherstone Capital, Business card. A tactile card stock and debossed, metallic logo reflect Featherstone's role as both hands-on geologists and experienced financial engineers.

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Featherstone Capital, Website. Full CMS platform.

  • Client Mosaic Homes
  • Location Vancouver, Canada

Little Details,
Huge Success.

They said it couldn’t be done, but we found a way to sell real estate without selling lifestyle.


No fluff, no syrup, and no cheese in this recipe for real estate success. By making the developer’s design-driven credo central to the story, we elevated their brand as builders, and made each property’s sub-brand a natural extension of that corporate character. The result? A boldly distinctive marketing approach—and sales figures that consistently outperform the competition.

Key outcomes

  • 6 consecutive projects launched in 2012 broke company records.
  • No samey, tired watercolour renderings. Instead, hyper-realism and cross-sectional dollhouse interior views that invite homebuyers to put themselves in the picture.
  • No saccharine romanticized lifestyle copy. Instead, product-oriented, “anatomy of a home” descriptions.
Storydriven has differentiated MOSAIC Homes in our marketplace, renovating our marketing brand image and sales communications tools. This was achieved through a strategy that bolsters our corporate recognition versus going down the typical path of building temporary and disposable project brands. From our sales environments to brochures and advertising, they’ve been a real team partner and central to our success. Geoff Duyker, MOSAIC Homes
  • Client Spear
  • Location Scottsdale, Arizona

Have Giant,
Will Travel

We helped Spear Education put the shoulders of giants within reach of more dentists.


Proof that a well-respected brand isn’t always enough: Despite a sterling reputation, this dental education company’s growth was hampered by their campus size. We engineered a new future with multiple product streams that doctors could access in their own communities or their own living rooms. The shift quadrupled Spear’s business in just 24 months and made them game-changers in the field of clinical education.

Key outcomes

  • Spear’s revenues increased 300% in the past 2½ years. They’re now the largest Dental Education company in North America.
  • Dental Study Club membership went from start-up to the largest in the world, with more than 4000 subscribers.
  • More dentists are getting the education they need to improve their practices and polish their skills, with patients receiving better care as a result.
Storydriven has been a true partner in our growth. Not only did they envision a future we would never have seen ourselves, they dug into the heart of our organization and worked alongside us to make that future a reality. Frank Spear, Spear Education
  • Client Friday Harbour
  • Location Lake Simcoe, Ontario

Big Splash
on Lake Simcoe

When we infused urban condos with cottage soul, Friday Harbour resort launched with a serious splash.


Their goal was ambitious: To sell modern, condo-style homes to a traditional cottage market. We focused their vision, crafted the brand, and created an extensive range of marketing materials. But the real magic was that we infused a contemporary, urban-inspired resort with authentic cottage soul that buyers immediately connected to.

Key outcomes

  • Friday Harbour became the first from-scratch resort property to successfully launch in Canada since the 2007 resort real estate downturn
  • 8,000 interested consumers.
  • $50 million in sales on the opening weekend.
Storydriven acted as Friday Harbour’s compass and the keeper of our vision. They built a compelling story, executing it across all mediums in a high-pressure situation. We’re talking about presales in a tough market, with no product to show, yet the launch was successful beyond our expectations. Storydriven was a key player in the project’s success. Greg Ashley, Replay Resorts
  • Client Wireless Werks
  • Location Seattle

Invisible Friends
in High Places

We gave this wireless services provider a stronger signal in a noisy marketplace.


We all expect our phones to function perfectly—24/7—and Wireless Werks ensures that wireless works. Part Indiana Jones, part Spiderman, these mostly invisible superheroes are up a tower at 3am. In stormy weather. On Christmas morning. But their message was just more static in a turbulent marketplace until we gave them a stronger signal.

Key outcomes

  • We made a complex business simple to understand.
  • New identity expresses clarity and confidence.
  • New website portrays them as the communications superheroes they are.
  • New look and feel captures the reality of the wild, wild wireless industry.
Storydriven saw something in us that we didn’t even see in ourselves. Once they uncovered the mission of our organization, they captured us perfectly in terms of how we express ourselves. Keith Dalton, Wireless Werks founder
  • Client Princeton Tec
  • Location Trenton, New Jersey

Not Cheap,
Still Cheerful.

We gave this American manufacturer a unique advantage that cheaper imports couldn’t touch.


Custom design by mass production? No, not oxymoronic. It’s how we gave Princeton Tec (an American manufacturer of headlamps for outdoor activities) a unique advantage in a market that was flooded with low-priced imports. We created Spectrum, an app that lets customers build their own lamps online, and order gear that expresses individual style.

Key outcomes

  • Customers can experiment before committing to a purchase and share their designs through social media channels directly from the site.
  • The site is developed with cross-platform functionality, making the concept as mobile as Spectrum’s customers are.
  • Now, when the Storydriven team goes spelunking we avoid the embarrassment of all wearing the same headlamps.

Assorted Work

Stories of all shapes and sizes. We distill entire stories small and spread them large – threading the theme through various media to create a cohesive brand environment.

Design: Intelligence Made Visible

Story is expressed through design, in the thoughtful relationship between characters, symbols, colours, and textures. It infuses everything we create—from a simple identity to product packaging, from retail environments to complex digital platforms. Story is a brand’s alpha and its omega, its trees and its forest.
Design is intelligence made visible.Alina Wheeler

All roads lead to story, choose one.

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